Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Annuals, shimmy dampeners, wings & other stuff

Airplanes have to have an annual inspection every year, and yesterday was the day. Dick found a good mechanic at a fairly close-by airport who knows the type of airplane that we have, so this guy has been doing our annuals for around 20 years now and knows our plane very well. Dick assists him at each inspection (he is a good mechanic himself), so this saves us quite a few bucks and speeds the process along. Brian flew up to watch the inspection, since he wants to eventually get checked out in our plane...and that wound up being a plus. Here is our son with his flight instructor after his solo last December...another handsome family member.......

It seems our 'shimmy dampener' is damaged/worn out and needs replacing. That is a fancy name for a shock absorber that when given a fancy name, means someone can charge big bucks for it. Dick now has to search for one......and the plane is grounded, and not at our local airport... so Brian flew his father home! This was B's first time to land at the airport here in Mayberry, and Dick's first time to fly with the new pilot, our son. Dad reported that he did a fine job of it. I was disappointed that I didn't get to see Brian and get a little sugar, but he needed to get the rental plane back to Atlanta.......and called his dad to report that he and the rental were safely back on terra firma where they needed to be.

I know it is important to give your children both roots and wings...and with Dick and me both being pilots, I guess it was inevitable that at least one of our kids would literally develop wings and fly eventually, so Brian is the one who did. And yes, he also looks just like his father and grandfather, but I lay claim to the smile gene. Brian, you rock! I love you soooo much.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh how sweet is a mother's love!!! what a son to be proud of too honey... and thanks for coming back to lunch yesterday, sorry i didn't remember to mention it, must need to kick up the fish oil??? ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Joy said...

Yay for Brian flying his dad home! Sandy is right about the smile, it combines the best of both parents with a light all Brian's own. (Can you tell I love Sandy's kids?)

the donG said...

i was dreaming of becoming a pilot too. sadly, i dont have a 20-20 vision. so i have to stick with some other dreams. hehehe... im sure you are very proud of him.

Loving Annie said...

Is flying together like driving together ? Does anyone say, 'slow down, you're too close to... ?" :)

Anonymous said...

YAY for the new pilot!!!!!

I know you must be very proud of what he accomplished. Hope the shimmy gets fixed soon! (that cracks me up!)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How fun. It makes sense that at least one of your babies would be a pilot too. How fun.

Boats are expensive like planes are it appears. The acronym for BOAT is:


Have a great day.

HaleyD said...

Remember, Dad, the most dangerous words in the English language! (For those who aren't aware, it's your teenage son saying, "Follw me, Dad!") And here you go letting him lead again. I'm finding it's what you have to do for your kids, even if it is against your better judgment. (Thanks again for everything. Love you!)

Brian said...

Yes, it is like driving together, but this time he wanted me to SPEED up! I was slowing down for my approach into the pattern, and he pushes the throttle in. He said at the rate I'm paying, I needed to go. I said "Who's F'ing this chicken?" and proceeded to slow the plane down! As for the genes, I'll take every single one that I have, I'm very blessed. Love you both, and Aunt Joy and Haley!