Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday in Ephesus

Today’s tour began at 10 and ended back at the ship at 5:30. It was about a 45 min. bus ride to Ephesus where we had a downhill walk of 1.7 miles through all the beautiful ruins, incurring no disasters enroute. We saw where St. Paul preached to the unwilling Ephesians, the distant hill where he was imprisoned, and the necessary tourist attraction of a gladiator fight:-) Gotta please the touristas! Next stop we got to watch the ladies typing knots (double knots here in Turkey, just so you know), making beautiful carpets. We resisted the urge to purchase any. On to an outdoor (nice) buffet of local cuisine and a stop at a museum displaying lots of "old shit" hubby said! Gotta love him. We also got to walk through the House of the Virgin Mary, where she supposedly spent her last days.
After our late lunch, none of us were particularly hungry by dinnertime, so we just went up to the casual grill and were joined by a young man sailing alone on his first cruise (his gf couldn’t join him). He just finished an iron man...pretty amazing! Hmmm, now who did he remind me of??? He was on the bus with three other couples from "our" group, so we just adopted him. Everyone went on down for the evening show, but Andy didn’t want to go and Dick and I were enjoying talking with him, so we stayed and chatted some more. They have shows every night. He even hugged ME when we departed, and he’s not from the south where we hug any time someone just leaves the room! Hope to see that sweet boy again.
Currency is lire, but Euro and greenbacks are accepted, along with universal 'plastic.' We are not good tourists when it comes to buying STUFF.
We are back motoring along, heading to Mykonis tomorrow. No tours set up; we’ll just wing it. Our plan for the rest of the evening involves chilling and reading, a perfect vacation! TTFN
Many touristas
Double knotting carpetAmphitheater


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sigh... no chilled soup? drat!

smiles, bee

HaleyD said...

I hope you're taking lots of pictures!

Love, Haley

Becky said...

I see now the father/son resemblance (with Brian and his "AOB"s)! Glad you're enjoying a perfect vacation - Thanks for sharing your adventures!