Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Istanbul, Turkey

Well what an adventure we have had! Our flight to JFK got delayed for 2 hrs. due to weather–translation: we would miss our connecting flight to Istanbul! Dick quickly huddled with the Delta agent, who managed to route us directly from ATL to Amsterdam, connecting to Istanbul, arriving a couple of hours later than originally planned. NBD...however, the Turkish Airlines flight left an hour late. The past 24 hrs. has lasted a week, our bodies are saying.
We got a taxi to the hotel, rather than riding the subway, arriving tired, hungry, and not entirely happy campers at 8p! Oh yes, all our luggage is vacationing somewhere else...can you believe that!!! Hopefully it went to JFK w/o us, and will arrive on a flight tomorrow and be delivered to the hotel. Yeah, right! My phone charger and Euro converters are in that suitcase. I’ll plan ahead differently next time for sure. And my Cingular phone is not working over here...again!!! Funny, Jennie’s phone works. AT&T be hearing from me and they won’t like it. Screw the cost...we ordered room serviced and drank the wine/beer in the mini-fridge. The kids' inheritance just got a wee bit smaller!
Did meet up at the Istanbul Airport with another cruise couple, who may join us for our local tour tomorrow if our minibus will hold an extra two folks. Tomorrow will be a better day, Miz Scarlett. TTFN...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i always hate the trip over, then it gets good... don't sweat it, the luggage WILL be there and fun will be had!

smiles, bee

HaleyD said...

Glad you're having drinks on me to unwind after your incredibly long day! (And I thought my 11-hr. trip yesterday was bad!)

Love you, Haley

Joy said...

Sounds like you're having an adventure already! (Which is how Anna described her trip to Cumberland Island just before telling me she turned her kayak over in the swamp!) If it was a boring journey, what would you write about? Hope the rest of the adventure is fun stuff, not mix-ups. Get some rest.
Hugs, Joy