Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Santorini, the lava island

Yep, there is an active volcano here, a level 8 (out of 10). Glad today wasn’t the day for it to blow off steam! We four rode the tender over to the island, got on the cable car (rather than ride the donkeys or...horrors...walk up about 500+ steps) to get up to the top of the hill to one of the 13 villages on this piece of lava. It sports the largest caldera on earth (7x14 mi.). The whole island is only 132 sq. meters, and nary a tree to be found. Lots of bougainvillea and other pretty flowering plants/vines, but mostly what it consists of is red, brown and some greenish volcanic cliffs, and again the whitewashed houses but with mainly blue roofs/doors here. The entire center of the circular island sank into the sea during a tremendous volcanic explosion 3,500 years ago, wiping out the entire civilization of Crete, 70 mi. to the south. It is now a crescent-shaped island, with mighty pretty waters surrounding it. Our afternoon departure is now taking us to Iraklion for our next adventure, whatever that may be.
Soup at lunch today was stones fruit soup...pineapple, mango and I don’t know what else in a yogurt base....yummmm. And chocolate creme brulee for dessert, in Joy’s honor. It was tough to fill your request, Joy, but I managed:-) And at dinner tonight, I had chilled apple soup with a touch of curry...again yummy.
Y’all leave me a message now, ya hear? I read all of them. Oh yes, Happy Birthday, Miss Judy in OK!!! May you be blessed with many more.

OK...that was yesterday’s blog that couldn’t get posted as we had intermittent satellite coverage last night. Thanks, Bri, for tweaking my blog...good job!
Today we are in Iraklion, Crete, the island that got wiped out by the volcanic eruption. It has recovered. The four of us took a taxi ride as our tour; now we are taking it easy...chilled wild berry soup at lunch, Miss Bee...wonder what kind they'll offer tonight? Stay tuned...cheers...and happy bday today to Miss Dinah in Mayberry!


HaleyD said...

Where are the trip pix? BTW, you & Dad look great on your profile.

I watched Samantha Brown in Santorini, and it looks beautiful. Glad you got to visit.

XXOO, Haley

Joy said...

Sandy, I really appreciate the sacrifices you are making on my behalf! As I know Empress Bee does where the soup reports are concerned.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sigh... three chilled soups in one post, i am in overload here! have fun honeys...

smiles, bee