Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday fun!

The 8th grade always puts on a Georgia history “wax museum” (student statues) on the track each year.  This year, I had two sweeties participating.  Lil Haley researched Tricia Yearwood, and recited details about her life to those who stopped at her station.
Haley, Tricia
Macey dressed as a “flapper” girl, and told of their history during the ‘20s:
Macey flapper
Georgia history is littered with many famous folks.  Quite a few were represented today that would have been worthwhile stopping and learning about…but, I had to get myself over to the park for Alex’s field day, especially since I was bringing bug juice:
Alex popcorn play
Alex fire truck
Getting “hosed” by the fire truck was a major hit!  Literally.  Alex was smart and stayed next to the truck, receiving only a sprinkle of water.

Oh, you asked about bug juice?  It is FABulous, and simple—two parts frozen lemonade, mixed with one part frozen grape juice.  That ratio fits any size can, and is loved by every kid and everybody.  This is something that MM’s mom made when he was a boy.  I asked MM about the origin of the name, but he doesn’t know how it came about…he just knows he still loves it.  And is happy there was enough left in the cooler for him to get some.  Try it and let me know what you think.  This is a concoction our grandkids will be passing on down to their kids.  No doubt.  Family tradition!

It was a busy day.  I am happy to be back home, ready to put my feet up for a little while.  Look, it is almost wine thirty!

Cheers, y’all!


Barb said...

Looks like a fun week up in the GA Alps!

Bug Juice question... Is it concentrated frozen lemonade & grape juice that you make as directed and THEN combine together? You DO add the water... Yes? Because I may make some this weekend for something different. We are staying well hydrated whilst we work on our projects but we are in a bit of a predictable rut. Inquiring minds...

More painting today. Maybe. I need to dash out on a few errands. Shgoot. I may even take the day off from painting cabinets. We shall see.

Have more fun! big hugs x0x0

Traveling Bells said...

Bug Juice reply: YES, both are frozen concentrated juices, made according to instructions on cans, and THEN mixed together for their yumilicious taste!

Joy said...

Grape lemonade - sounds good! I bet a little girl I know would like the color, too!