Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun in the sun…

MM pounded with the sledge hammer and won me aP7190032 purple inflatable alien!  Doesn’t every girl need one of those?!  MM at least had fun.  He is still my oldest child.

Dollywood is not just a “fun” park, it is also a place to learn about stuff.  It has a 30,000 square-foot aviary, which houses the country’s largest presentation of non-releasable bald eagles. You get a rare glimpse of some of nature’s most impressive birds of prey in this beautiful mountain setting as members of the American Eagle Foundation interact with these spectacular animals.

Birds of Prey at Dollywood are under the care of the American Eagle Foundation, which is authorized to possess birds for education, exhibition, rehabilitation and breeding under permits from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

We thoroughly enjoyed the bird demonstration and P7190051highly recommend seeing the show.  Pardon the blurry photo, but this big guy wouldn’t quit moving!


P7190057                                         But these boys were just sitting around having a pow-wow and loving the attention of those passing by and admiring their fine feathers.

Dollywood and Splash Country are both great family entertainment areas.  We will go back!

But now our thoughts are on to our next great adventure, the upcoming river cruise.  Our info packet arrived, as well as our German rail pass.  Boy howdy, it is gonna be fun!  And the ship has complimentary wi-fi.  That makes me smile!

But first, Grammie Camp is in session today, and I need to get ready for that.  I hope you have some smiles in your day.  I sure will!

Life is good, y’all!


Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Oh! Too funny! Do you remember when my parents went to the Azalea Festival this spring and brought me back the Green Alien as a prize?! Do you s'pose your Purple Alien and my Green Alien were related? If so, don't tell him but I ended up stabbing Green Alien with a screwdriver and unceremoniously throwing him away. Bless his green little alien heart.

River Cruise. Check. Ready to come along!

Big hugs xoxo

ivana said...

Thank you, Sandy!

Great news about eagles, I like places like that in Dollywood!

You are a lucky girl, and MM is a funny boy!!!

Have a lovely Wednesday!!!

Big hugs!

Joy said...

Oh, boy, a purple alien! Just what every Grammie needs...
Enjoy the boys today.

Sandee said...

MM is so very good to you. Bwahahahahahaha. Well all of us that know you two, know that's true.

Oh the river cruise. I'll be along on that adventure. I always come along.

Have a terrific grammy day. Big hugs honey. :)

Jean(ie) said...

Grammie camp... I wanna go to grammie camp!

nothing says I love you like an inflatable purple alien! :-)

Haley D. said...

Lucky you! We look forward to going back with you one day.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

is it a viking ship? we had the most fun on one of those!

smiles, bee