Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday fix...

Booklets were all finished late yesterday...until a snafu was discovered last night. Banging my head here on the computer. Can you hear it? Sigh.
So Friday is fix-it day. Fix the booklet. I figured out a relatively easy way to do that.
Then the next 'fix it' will be a large pot of Taco Soup for dinner tonight, since we have folks coming over. Who planned that during hell week? Oh yes, that would be me! Maybe I'll leave the lights low so the dust bunnies won't be noticed, since there has been no time for cleaning. Plus, add an extra glass of wine, and no one will even care!
Cheers, y'all!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

that sounds like a plan to me! taco soup? who would dare look for a dust bunny??? ha ha ha

smiles, bee

barb said...

Sorry about the snafu. That stinks. Just when you thought it was done.

I have a certain philosophy when I invite people to my house, or even if they just show up unannounced... I don't worry about my house. It's always at least neat, if not as clean as I would ideally like. Life happens. To everybody. If I didn't love them, they wouldn't be there anyway. I figure if God can take me as I am, so can my family and friends.

The End. hahahaha!

ivana said...

Ciao Bee!
Taco soup? I'll search how the recipe is, it sounds good!!!

Have a pleasful dinner!


Amazing Gracie said...

Love taco soup! I used to be the secretary at the church we attended years ago. I understand snafus all too well!!! (I turned "Crown Him With Many Crowns at Easter, into "Crown Him With Many Thorns." That was the worst.
I'm sure you'll get the kinks out and everything will come together. Somehow, it usually does!