Sunday, February 7, 2016

Our yacht is waiting...

Hello, sunny St. Thomas! It is 81 and breezy here on our balcony. We are enjoying the water traffic as we finish our coffee.

Our travel companions were taking a ferry to the national park early, but we opted to have a lazy morning. We will go ashore shortly for a walkabout in this lovely port. We have been here many times, but still enjoy coming here.

Our stateroom here on Adventure of the Seas is much like all others. Our balcony is a bit different. The sides are solid metal for strength, and the part below the railing is solid metal as well, so there is only visibility above the railing. The enclosure also limits the breeze, but it is still nice out for us to enjoy the colorful scenery.

The promenade deck is truly lovely. I will take photos and post them, of course. There are a lot of open spaces on this ship, with loads of interesting decorations everywhere.

Incoming seaplane! MM is loving all this floating and flying traffic.

It is elegant night tonight. On super bowl Sunday. What were they thinking?!

Who's gonna win? Do you care?

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Sandee said...

I loved St. Thomas and Grand Turk. The rest of the ports were just okay.

We're not watching the game tonight. We're not into sports.

Have a fabulous cruise honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Jean(ie) said...

We don't own a TV so it's book reading time. Cute legs, MM! ;)
Have fun. Enjoy your obstructed view sans breeze.
Just another day in grey, rainy Washington!

Joy said...

Looks lovely! Of course I AM watching the Super Bowl - my last football fix until fall - and I would love to see the Broncos win because I'm a Payton Manning fan. So far, so good, (near the end of the 2nd quarter) but who knows what will happen before it's over. Good game so far!

Barb said...

It looks perfect! And I do ♥ St. Thomas! And a balcony. :)

We watched part of the first quarter with my parents... mostly because I made dinner and brought it over there and had to wait to eat until Dad woke up from his nap.

I absolutely am amazed they would have Elegant Night on Super Bowl Night. I am also amazed they would have a Super Bowl when the Patriots weren't playing in it. harhar!!

What's our next port? I can't wait!

big hugs xoxo

Barb said...

Oh, and I had a balcony like that on the Fascination the one time I got a suite. It was a larger balcony but jeez louise, I couldn't see out the bottom so what good was bigger?

Carry On!