Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monaco row


Monaco row

Good morning from…gasp…sunny Coos Bay!

Coaches are still arriving for the Monaco pre-rally that officially begins tomorrow.  The parking crew has done a fabulous job on getting everyone all neatly lined up where they are supposed to be.  The casino has added electric hook-ups here in the overflow parking lot since we were here a few years ago.  We don’t mind boondocking (no hook-ups), but having electricity is always a plus.  They do have a regular, very nice full hook-up area, but that was full by the time we signed up for the rally.  No big deal.  Jim and Carol are in the RV section over on the water, so we can always walk over and sit awhile with them at their spot.

Vendors open at noon today, and a special preview party for the rally folks begins at 5 in the new coach display.  No fears; we are not in the market for a new coach, but it is always fun to check out the latest and greatest to see what is new and different.

After we got all set up yesterday, we headed over to our favorite hospice thrift store that we visited last time here, and this time, scored a copier ($25) and an electric vegetable steamer ($5).  The copier works and goes home (maybe to Amy’s house); the steamer will live in the coach and has already been washed and tried out.  Yep, it works, and was something I wanted to add to the coach kitchen.

I’m sure we will find lots of interesting stuff to see and do today.  I hope you do, too.  In the meantime, please say a little prayer for friend Mark, who is having surgery in Atlanta for a brain tumor…right now…and for his wife, Steph.  They are mighty good people…and we want him to be completely healed.

Life is good in the slow lane, y’all!


Sandee said...

Prayers in progress for Mark.

Oh boy, a new place. I've not been to Coos Bay in a very long time. Fun place.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Joy said...

Yay for sunshine, electricity, and bargains. Prayers continue. Hugs!

Jean(ie) said...

You got it on the prayer front. Sending healing thoughts.

Those Monacos look real purty all lined up like that.

Have fun at the rally!!!! And Happy boondocking!