Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anchorage bound!

This is a chunk of glacier brought onboard by the crew for us to get a close up view. Dick thought it a great spot to chill his Coke.

So our glacier cruise in the rain was still good. We were teased by a humpback whale who wouldn't give us a full show; saw a few bald eagles and sea otters and bunches of kitty wigs and sea gulls. And several different glaciers. It rained al night, and is still here with us this morning.

We are mostly packed up for our flights home LATE tonight. Tomorrow will be a long day, but we'll be home and that sounds mighty fine to all of us. We've missed everyone. But we'd do it again. Srsly! We'd take a different route, but we would definitely do it again. Maybe not next year though.

Thanks for tagging along. Check back for more photos...eventually.

And get out there and see the world, y'all! It is awesome!!! Don't wait.


Sandee said...

I've had fun tagging along. Thanks for having me. You have a safe trip home. It sure will be a long day.

Have a super last day honey. Big hugs from sunny California. :)

Haley D. said...

Your chariot will await you tomorrow afternoon! We're glad you've had a grand adventure and will be back home soon!

Joy said...

Have a safe flight home, see you soon!

Jean said...

Only MM man would put his coke there. Gotta love him! Have a safe and uneventful journey home!