Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday stuff


In case you don’t want to biggify the photo, it is the one and only bumper sticker on our moho:

Squandering the Kids’ Inheritance

This is to remind me of WHY we are not fully retired.  We still work so that we can go play.  And reminds me of the reason for all this paperwork spread out here on my desk.  We have a busy week ahead, getting organized for the annual meeting with the folks at our RV park this weekend.  We’ll be ready, and git-er-done.  And there will be food!

Raise your hand if you enjoy a good massage.  I had a great one last night from a student at the local tech school.  I opted for a shower first after getting home late, and never made it  upstairs to do my normal nightly pre-post…can you say L-A-Z-Y?  I was in the zone, so I simply zoned on out!

More of the same today, but I’m making progress.  And we may get rain.  We sure need it.

That’s it from Mayberry today.  I hope your day is as great as you want it to be!

Life is good, y’all!


barb @iPhoneographi said...

^0^ Both hands raised! Sadly, I haven't had a massage in ages! I actually meant to get one on the cruise and forgot.

I love taking a shower before bed, but I'm usually too tired to bother. However, the day I put fresh linens on the bed you bet your booty I take a shower right before bed. Fresh linens deserve a fresh me, too! One of life's lovely little indulgences.

Now if you could get a massage then a shower AND fresh linens... oh, baby!

Git 'er done! I know you will! big hugs xo

Haley D. said...

Mmmm, I need to sign up for a massage for next week. Hopefully some rain will come. Get back to work so you can play!

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
We are not fully retired...I agree!!!
We yesterday did a long trip "go and back" as we had to take our Tommy to the camp...I wished to rest there, in a B&B, but G. wanted to come home...
I'm so tired for the many hours on the Highway, where traffic was awful!!!

"Enjoy" your work...later you can play!!!

Big hugs!!!

Sarge Charlie said...

Squander away, that is the fun part.

Anonymous said...

I've been telling hank for the last month how good a nice massage will feel. Deaf ears.

I'm headed to a friend's house next week and she has one of those super-duper massage/shiatsu chairs. I plan on spending some serious time in that thing. LOL!

Sandee said...

We are squandering too. I'm sure not going to save it for someone else. Share yes, but we're going to go and do what we want as long as we can. Period. The end.

If you two ever make it to the central valley of California please spend some time with us. We would treat you like royalty, because you are.

Have a terrific day honey and don't work too hard. Big hugs from cool but sunny California. :)