Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday something to think about...

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred.

2. Free your mind from worries.

3. Live simply.

4. Give more.

5. Expect less.

~~~Have a peachy Saturday. Life is good!!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wonderful advice and i need it this weekend! thanks for the prayers honey...

smiles, bee

Haley D. said...

Life IS good!

Sandee said...

Excellent advice indeed. Thanks for the reminder honey.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

barb said...

They are so simple most people don't believe they are true! Have a great day, Sandy!

The yard sale is done! Woo Hoo! I need a nice hot bath and a nap!