Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sun, shopping and eating

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach, only to discover that Ms. B’s is no longer in business (she had delicious BBQ ribs). Dick is briefly enjoying the lounge chair, which is where this white body stayed while everyone else went swimming.

We enjoyed the street vendors in Marigot and the local scenery today. Dinner tonight was back at L’Escapade, where we celebrated Jim & Janet’s 14th anniversary. The grouper was divine. A young couple from Columbus sat next to us (small world), and ordered grouper at our recommendation. So many restaurants, so little time. Sigh. We are doing our best to keep the restaurant economy going, however.

Anniversary dinner at L'Escapade


HaleyD said...

You know you can't go anywhere without running into someone you know- or someone who knows someone you know! ;)

This morning was a chilly 26 degrees, so be prepared when you return to reality!

We love you!

Sandy & Dick said...

I have been following the temps back in Mayberry...it'll be a shock to our systems, but we'll have to get back to reality:-) We're ready!

We love you, too!!!