Thursday, July 14, 2016

Catching up!

A very happy birthday to our Faith today. That Brian sure picked a good woman to share his life with...lucky US!

That new house is coming along quite nicely...and the marriage is still strong. Ha! Now that's a true test of a marriage, I can tell ya.

Of course the kitties are happy to have us home. We are mostly back to normal around here, well, OUR normal. I still say it takes about two weeks to really have everything back in place and settled down. Churn on!

We have been by to inspect the house building mentioned above. Beautiful...drywall will be going in soon, then the process seems to take for-ever to actually finish. Patience is needed. Definitely.

Pardon me while I have a Salzburg moment.

Our N Georgia Alps are mighty hawt, so we are giving thanks for A/C on a daily basis.

I've gotten hugs from all my busy kiddos, so I'm a happy mama. Life is mighty good, y'all! Spread the love and happiness wherever you can. Our world needs it.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Homeward bound!

The girls and I had a fine time in Munich yesterday. We walked from our hotel near the train station down to the pedestrian area, walking past many shops, eateries, carts filled with fresh fruit for sale, and people out enjoying a sunny day.

When we arrived at Marienplatz, the city's main square since 1158, the glockenspiel had just begun its chiming.

I posted a shirt clip of it on Facebook before my phone informed me I was out of storage. Bugger to that!

We visited St. Peter's Church, an old outdoor market, and then did a little shopping, much to the delight of all three girls.

Our farewells dinner was actually at a nice Italian restaurant.

We are all ready to go home, and so we shall. This morning.

It has been a great adventure. We are all taking back great memories.

Ciao, y'all! The GA Alps are calling us.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Munich...and more...

But first here is a peek at one of our Sound of Music experiences. This first photo is the actual pavilion in the movie. The second one is at Mirabell Palace where the "Do-re-mi" song was performed. Oh yes. We loved it! And the gardens were beautiful.

Those are three generations of SOM fans, just so ya know.

Fortunately, Haley visited Berchtesgaden with MM and me on our first trip to Germany, but she was disappointed for her family that Hitler's home is no longer open for touring. The scenery was certainly beautiful, but it was a long way to go for not much return, since we had all been in beautiful Switzerland.

MM scouted out a close beer hall and made a reservation for our dinner last night. It was good but noisy, with the locals excited about the soccer game between Germany and France. We left just as the game got started and finished watching in the comfort of our own rooms.

Today in our only full day in Munich. I'm sure we will find plenty to see and do. It's all about the kids and their wants.

BTW, happy anniversary to Haley and Logan! Let the good times keep rolling.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Leaving Austria!

We all had a great but tiring day Wednesday walking from our hotel to old town, funicular to the fortress, and more walking.

Somehow we miscommunicated with MM yesterday. He thought we were doing a Mozart tour after lunch (boring to him), and so he went on back to the hotel. The five of us did the Sound of Music location tour and it was positively FAB!!! Of course we sang all the songs during the four-hour bus tour. Photos later. MM was mighty disappointed when we got back and he found out our accurate plans. He said he would have enjoyed that tour. And he would have. Well, maybe not all the singing.

Anyway, thanks for the anniversary wishes. We SIX had a simple dinner and then we all crashed. All of us but MM probably walked close to 10 miles.

I woke up today with a nasty migraine and MM may be getting a head cold. Bugger. We sent the kids on to Berchtesgaden, since we felt so punk. We really wanted to go see it again, but will enjoy their photos instead.

So now that we are packed and ready, we are going to take the train to Munich as planned, and meet the kids there at the hotel when they are done. We all adjust to changes on the fly and deal with whatever we have to do.

Roll on. Auf Wiedersehen, Austria!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy anniversary to my BFF!

Then...48 years ago;


The sign states that a kiss in the grotto promises "together forever." Of course my guy had to ham it up for the photo...but is that arm leaning on the wall for support really necessary?!

I think we are getting old!

Laughing, living, and loving. I think we are good to go for a few more years.

Happy anniversary, honey!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Parasailing fun!

Getting the chutes ready...all three gals are watching carefully;

Last chance to back out!

Macey, the youngest, was the most avid jumper and first off the mountain. Being the oldest, MM went last to keep a watchful eye on our girls. They had a blast...and would all do it again.

Such beautiful country here in Switzerland, but we need to move on.

Today will be a long train day as we roll north to Salzburg. We are checking off another item on Macey's and Ansley's bucket list. I'm sure they won't be disappointed.

Ciao for now!

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th!

It feels so strange to be in a foreign country on this special U.S. holiday, where back home we would be celebrating with a cook out and local fire works. We don't wear our flag when we travel, but I am at last wearing a bit of patriotic red, white, and blue in honor of this important occasion, celebrating our country's freedom.

God bless America!

And may God keep my family safe today as they go paragliding! Photos later of MM, Haley, Ansley, and Macey. For the record, Macey literally jumped at this chance, with Ansley then Haley slowly warming up to the idea. We shall see who has the biggest smiles when they return this afternoon.

Logan didn't want to try it, and this sport was never on my bucket list (mostly fearful of damaging knees), however after watching all the smooth landings here at the park across from our hotel yesterday, I am sort of regretting not going out with them.

This is a view of the park and parasailing activity already this morning, but not where my family will be landing. Bugger. They took the train to another city, then a cable car UP a large mountain where MM parasailed from down into this valley a few years ago and loved it!

Photo credit: Internet.

Logan and I will bum around town and probably sit and enjoy the local scenery.

At least the weather is cooler here in Interlaken, and should continue to be in Salzburg...tomorrow.

Life is definitely good, y'all!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fun in Italy


Duomo in Florence

Ponte Vecchio

The famous statue of David

Street artist at work

We have had sooo much fun, have seen so very much history in this beautiful country, had great food, and stored up enough memories to last two lifetimes! How great is that? And did it with our loved ones. We are so blessed.

Train day today, going to Interlaken, Switzerland, and boy, do we have something exciting planned! Come along.

Arrivederci, Italy!

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Vatican, Trevi Fountain

The kids thoroughly enjoyed their tour of Vatican City...St. Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel, and Trevi fountain:

They got back to the hotel mighty tired. It was 90 degrees!

Train ride to Florence yesterday. While the kids went down to straighten up the leaning tower of Pisa, MM and I walked around our hood scouting up possible places for dinner.

We ate al fresco near the duomo, a place we plan to visit today. More photos tomorrow.

FFF is still good.

Ciao, y'all!

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Friday, July 1, 2016

If it is Friday...

No, not the coliseum again.

Today is train day. We all head to Florence; the Dyers will then go to Pisa without us. We have been there many times, and I'm quite sure it still looks pretty much the same. Haley has also been there, but not her family. Good mama!

Having good FFF...forced family fun!

Almost out of Internet time, so Arrivederci Roma!

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