Saturday, July 9, 2016

Homeward bound!

The girls and I had a fine time in Munich yesterday. We walked from our hotel near the train station down to the pedestrian area, walking past many shops, eateries, carts filled with fresh fruit for sale, and people out enjoying a sunny day.

When we arrived at Marienplatz, the city's main square since 1158, the glockenspiel had just begun its chiming.

I posted a shirt clip of it on Facebook before my phone informed me I was out of storage. Bugger to that!

We visited St. Peter's Church, an old outdoor market, and then did a little shopping, much to the delight of all three girls.

Our farewells dinner was actually at a nice Italian restaurant.

We are all ready to go home, and so we shall. This morning.

It has been a great adventure. We are all taking back great memories.

Ciao, y'all! The GA Alps are calling us.

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Barb said...

Oh, I enjoyed this adventure very much! Thanks for letting me tag along through your posts!

safe journey home. big hugs xoxo

Sandee said...

What Barb said. I've enjoyed coming along as well.

Have a safe trip home. Your kitties are waiting for you. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Joy said...

Travel safely home! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Jean(ie) said...

Lol? Going from Bavaria to the GA alps. What a segue. Loved that clock! Nearby was a really cool home goods store. A block or so away. Just looked it up on Google and it's still in business. (1990 was my last visit).

Glad to see y'all home safely. Hope the rest of your party arrives without issues.

Paul Pietrangelo said...

After checking out your entire vacation, what a ride Sandy. I bet it will be great to be home? Have restful ride home. See ya my friend.

Cruisin Paul