Saturday, June 4, 2016

Glacier Bay

We had reserved seating and a great wait staff at the Sanctuary all day yesterday.

They brought us food, mimosas, and coffee right to our happy selves, perched right there on our lounge chairs. King and Queen.

Of course we saw glaciers. And a bear wandering around on a hillside. And whales blowing. Even a sea otter and several birds.

It was about 50 degrees, but everyone had a blanket to keep warm, and the windbreaks helped keep the wind away from us.


Today we are in Skagway and with the forecast being rain at 50% chance, MM and I stayed onboard and everyone can tell us thanks for keeping the rain at bay. Naturally. MM's knees were hurting, so he didn't want to do any walking today. We have been here before, and will enjoy the tales tonight from our friends who went ashore.

Life is good...except for bad knees.

Tomorrow is Juneau. We plan to go eagle hunting...viewing only!

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Joy said...

That "Sanctuary" sounds perfect! 50 degrees, mimosas, wildlife views - who could ask for more? Except for the aching knees, I know nobody asked for those! Keep on enjoying, and have a mimosa for me!

Sandee said...

Hubby has bad knees too. I so get the not wanting to walk at times.

Love all the pampering you're getting. So deserved.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥